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In its basic definition, the Holocaust is the murder of six million Jews, plus a smaller number of other ‘undesirables’, perpetrated by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. There have been several genocides and massacres throughout history, but during the Second World War, the Jews were a race for which a total worldwide annihilation program was initiated and had Germany won the war, this programme would have been the result.

This intention, the scale of killing and the modernity of the methods involved make the Holocaust unique among genocides.

It is difficult to imagine that some people have not heard of the Holocaust, given the number of people, including 1.5 million children, who lost their lives. However, to some of our younger generations the programme of killing in Nazi occupied Europe is something they have not come across before and it is our duty to make sure this gap in historical education is filled, both as a memorial to those murdered and to show where anti-Semitism can lead.

To help counter this denial and ignorance, ICEJ partners with Yad Vashem – the world’s leading centre for research, education and memorialisation of the Holocaust – and in 2006 founded Christian Friends of Yad Vashem (CFYV) in order to educate Christians about the Holocaust and mobilise them to become active in promoting Holocaust awareness and fighting modern-day antisemitism.

Here in the UK our ICEJ UK Charity also partners with Yad Vashem UK to provide travelling exhibitions for schools, colleges, churches, libraries to use; in fact anywhere that will host them. They have been produced by Yad Vashem and are free to borrow. 

Find out more about our Yad Vashem Travelling Exhibitions HERE