From our Head Office in Jerusalem, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem significantly impacts communities throughout Israel. The ICEJ also connects with local representation in over 95 countries on six continents worldwide, and our reach spans 170 nations enabling us to connect Christians in those countries with Israel.

For over forty years the ICEJ has embarked upon a journey of giving comfort to Israel. This journey has involved deeds and compassion, and every town, village and city has been impacted, in some way, by our benevolence ministry that has helped the poor, healed the sick, housed the lonely, encouraged the children, and cared for the elderly.

Our Biblical Mandate
“Comfort, yes, comfort My people!” says your God. Isaiah 40:1

Join your voice with ours and become part of the Christian witness God is raising up to stand with and bring comfort to Israel today!

Aliyah and Integration

We’re partnering with the God of Israel who promised through the prophet Jeremiah, to bring the Jewish people back to their homeland and help them settle and grow.

Israel in Crisis

Over the decades Israel has faced many urgent crises, conflicts and natural disasters. The ICEJ has quickly responded to help Israel through each crisis.

A Future and A Hope

We are strengthening less-fortunate Israeli families, offering them educational and economic empowerment, lifting children from broken homes and youths at risk, assisting struggling new immigrants and promoting coexistence.

Holocaust Survivors

We believe that Jewish Holocaust survivors deserve to live out the remainder of their lives in dignity and comfort and we are partnering with Israelis in the land to provide for their every need.

Fighting Antisemitism

World Antisemitism is at an all time high and we are working to fight this injustice via advocacy, education, and organized events wherever it is found

Prayer Initiatives

We believe prayer is the engine of our ministry and should touch every part of what we are doing in Israel and around the world! We want you to engage with us in prayer

Young Adults

We believe that the young generation is the future of Christian Israel support and we are working via educational tours and youth events to ensure they know the truth about Israel today

Stay Informed

The world is full of disinformation about Israel and we at ICEJ want to be a hub for accurate and biblically sound Israel knowledge across all of our publications

… I watched in awe as the Christian Embassy stood by Israel without reservation, supported Aliyah of Jewish people from all around the world, and spread the good name of Israel amongst the nations… Today, as President of the State of Israel, I thank you all for your unwavering continued friendship.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog

The International Christian Embassy here in Jerusalem has for so many years been a center of pro-Israel activism by our many Christian friends in the Holy Land and around the world. Your love for Israel is legendary. Your passion for Israel is an uncompromising statement of support for the Jewish State, for its people, and for our destiny.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett