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Why Christians and Jews need to unite in defence of Israel and our western civilisation

Why Christians need to unite

Do not miss our next UK webinar as Simon Barrett will discuss why Christians and Jews need to unite in defence of Israel and western civilisation with David Nekrutman. David is an American Israeli Orthodox Jewish Theologian who has pioneered Jewish – Christian relations over many years in various roles, and continues to build bridges between the Israeli religious…

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ICEJ Condemns Massive Hamas Terror Assault on Israeli Civilians

Read the latest update from our Director here. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem completely condemns the treacherous mass assault by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians launched on the high holy day of Simchat Torah. We resolutely stand with the nation and people of Israel in their just cause to vanquish this intolerable threat from their…

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Holocaust survivor visits school to tell her story in a visit arranged by ICEJ UK and the Jewish Federation in Manchester.

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The Great Legacy of the Hebrew Bible

Nearly every religion has sacred books, yet none are as old or have as much wisdom, truth, revelation, inspiration and accuracy as the amazing book we call the Bible. We encourage you to read this incredible article by David Parsons about the significance of the Hebrew Bible today.

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Bringing help to those who suffer with PTSD

ICEJ AID reaches into every sector of Israel society and your donations help us bless Israel in a very tangible way. Our latest UK appeal is in support of the ‘Moments’ Balancing Home which provides therapeutic services for acute sufferers of PTSD and their families.

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Envision 2023

This year, nine Pastors and leaders represented the UK at this years Envision conference. Enjoy the testimonies of Pastor Simon Bhardwaj, Pastor Gilroy Brown and Adam Bhardwaj.

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Never again is now

The ICEJ UK was honoured to partner with Christian Action Against Antisemitsm ( in organising the “Never Again is NOW” prayer rally in Whitehall, opposite Downing Street in Central London on Sunday 19th November. Our Director of Development Len Grates was also one of the invited speakers. The event was attended by almost 10,000 Christians…

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ICEJ UK Updates

Update: 27th October 2023 From the ICEJ Headquarters Christians everywhere must join together in supporting Israel’s right to self-defense and its just cause in defeating Hamas and freeing not only the hostages in Gaza, but also freeing the Arab population of Gaza from the cruel grip of Hamas. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is engaged…

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Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement

The Isaiah 62 ’21 Days of Prayer & Fasting’ in May resulted in millions praying for the salvation of Israel!  Following this Ron Cantor and Mike Bickle have planned for one million believers to pray on Yom Kippur for one hour for the Jewish people. This will take place this coming Monday at 3-4pm (UK time). As the…

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A Test of our Professed Love for Israel

By: David Parsons, ICEJ Vice President & Senior Spokesman The recent reports of Jews attacking Christians in Israel are real! There indeed has been a surge in Jewish harassment and assaults on Christians and church properties in Israel since the start of the year, and the list of these attacks is getting rather long. For…

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