The ICEJ UK exists to Comfort Israel, Raise Christian Support, Teach Truth and Confront Hatred

We seek to support the ministry of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. Established in 1980, the ICEJ represents millions of Christians from over 100 countries who share a love and concern for Israel and the Jewish people.

In 2006 a team of people around the UK with close connections to the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem agreed to formally create an ICEJ UK Board.

In May 2020 The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem UK (Charity) was also established as a separate entity in the UK.

A major part of the function and purpose of the ICEJ UK Branch is to provide prayer and financial support for the ministry of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. As part of this mission in the UK we are committed to:

  • being a voice to the whole Christian church emphasising their responsibility to support the people of Israel in prayer and practical ways
  • comforting the people of Israel on their journey to their destiny in the purposes of God by seeking to meet their practical spiritual and emotional needs
  • supporting the many projects that the ICEJ has set up in the field of education and poverty relief in order to give help and assistance to all the people groups living in Israel
  • being a voice of reconciliation between Christians and Jews and to encourage by all means possible reconciliation between Arabs, Palestinians and Jews
  • being a voice against anti-Israelism and particularly against anti-Semitism
  • providing theological teaching to the Church about God’s plan and purpose for Israel as a nation, and to dispel the erroneous teaching of Replacement Theology which identifies the Church as totally replacing the covenants and prophecies given specifically for Israel.

The Board is also committed to the provision of teaching and ministry to the British Church with regard to its responsibility towards the people of Israel, especially in view of Britain’s unique yet mostly sad historic role in the restoration to their Land. We believe that there is ‘blessing’ for those who bless God’s ancient people, both nationally and personally.

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