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Praise God, He is bringing His people back to their land! See what is driving this surge in Aliyah, and how the Christian Embassy is committed to bringing Jewish families home to Israel, and helping them settle in the land.

In our Bible teaching, ‘King of Israel and ALL the Earth,’ ICEJ Vice President & Senior Spokesman David Parsons looks at Scripture to unlock the riddle of how God went from forbidding Israel from having an earthly king, to allowing one, and see how the recent coronation of King Charles III featured elements based on the anointing of Biblical kings.

The ICEJ continues to impact lives in Israel through our many AID and Aliyah projects. See how hope is being ignited for youth living at a youth village, read about the life-saving medical equipment donated to a medical center, share in the joyous occasions of the survivors living at the ICEJ Haifa home for Holocaust survivors and see how ICEJ Homecare cares for a family ‘hand-picked’ by God. Enjoy the many wonderful articles!