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This was our first time to visit Israel during the Feast of Tabernacles. We had heard many reports of what takes place during the Feast especially from Dr David Elms, UK Director ICEJ, so we had some prior knowledge.

What we did not realise the impact it would have on those present through the fellowship, teaching, worship, prayer and being in Gods presence in the land of promise! It was a profound experience from beginning to end. The Tour, the meetings, times of worship, fellowship, hotels, food were all excellent. We shared our tour bus with brothers and sisters from Ireland and Zimbabwe and enjoyed a great time of fellowship.

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We toured the biblical sites, worshipped at the Galilee and in Jerusalem with 2000 pilgrims from 70 nations!!! What a glorious sight.

We were also privileged to Pray for Israel & the UK in Jerusalem, especially poignant as we prayed for our new King and Prime Minister.

During the Jerusalem March where thousands of pilgrims from many nations walk through the streets of Jerusalem in their national colours, we were met with such an outpouring of love from the Jewish people who lined the streets to welcome and thank us for coming to their land and standing with them. We wanted to say ‘thank you’ to them for being obedient to Gods calling them to return and build up Zion!

So many memories, so many prayers to pray and as the Jewish people say: ‘Next Year in Jerusalem’.

We are relatively new to the family at ICEJ Jerusalem but all those at the Feast were welcomed into the great family of ICEJ and every need was addressed.

It was indeed an eye-opening experience for us in the terms of the activities covered by the ICEJ. It really is a ministry with many fruitful avenues of outreach to Israel and also to the nations of the world. The ICEJ is being used powerfully by the Lord to establish a loving, caring, responsible, reliable voice from Christians throughout the world.

Gordon & Karen Beattie, Prayer Co-ordinators ICEJ UK