Since the 7th of October, our Director, David Elms, has been teaching on the Swords of Iron War and the suffering and pain that have come with it.

One of the main questions people have pondered is “Where was God on October 7th and why did He allow people to suffer?”

If this is a question you have been pondering, you will benefit richly from Pastor Elms’ short YouTube teaching series on this exact subject. He discusses the physical war we see in the Middle East today and relates that to the Spiritual War the Church is experiencing daily.

We need to discern the days we are living in. Watching what is going on in Israel now is crucial to understanding where we are in prophecy.

In total, the teaching series is just over an hour long and is full of knowledge from start to finish. Click the button below to go straight there and don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know what you think.