The legal stunt by South Africa’s ANC-ruled government to drag Israel into the International Court of Justice on the charge of genocide this week is so twisted and odious.

The current hearings at the ICJ in The Hague are a clear example of what scholars on modern-day antisemitism call “Holocaust inversion.” It goes beyond Holocaust denial or distortion, such as the claim by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that only 600,000 Jews died, or his more recent assertion that the Palestinians have been through “fifty holocausts.” Rather, it turns the Holocaust on its head by portraying Israel as just as bad as the Nazis, if not worse.

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South African’s support Israel

Vivian Miburg says the government in South Africa does not represent the people. Vivian is the National Director of International Christian Embassy in South Africa and has spent many years advocating for the people of Israel. She was in Israel on October 7th when Hamas attacked and has a lot of information to share about her time there and how the South African government is reacting.

Her article on is in Hebrew so we have added a translation below. The link to the original article is below the translation.

The decision of the African National Congress to sue Israel is contrary to the national interest. Christian organisations have signed a public statement condemning the government. Our government’s approach endangers Jewish citizens and erodes the freedom of religion of Christians in the country.

Resolution of the South African Government, led by the ANC (African National Congress), Claim the State of Israel The International Court of Justice in The Hague for genocide in Gaza is completely contrary to national logic and interest. Unfortunately, the ANC government aligns with Israel’s enemies and leads the opposition to Israel among the world’s countries by initiating the case accusing Israel of genocide. This decision resulted in a series of Christian organisations in the country, including the International Christian Embassy branch in South Africa, along with other organisations such as “Bridges for Peace,” to sign a public statement condemning the government.

Among other things, we went against the unilateral approach of the ANC government, which did not even recognize that the October 7 massacre was the motive for the current war, And did not make any decisive calls for the release of kidnappers held under inhumane conditions by Hamas and its allies. This only strengthens the anti-Israeli groups, which have also become openly violent against Israeli supporters, as we experienced last November 12 in Cape Town. A rally is planned for prayer and support for Israel torpedoed violently and anyone who came to the event with the Israeli flag was attacked. This unilateral approach that our government has adopted endangers its Jewish citizens due to incitement to anti-Semitism and also erodes the religious freedom of Christians in the country.

As Christians, we oppose the loss of innocent lives, whether Israelis, Palestinians or anyone else, but we strongly oppose the decision to file a lawsuit in court, a decision that is fundamentally flawed. The October 7 massacre aimed at Israeli civilians, including rape, organ resection, fire and atrocities beyond imagination, was a deliberate attempt at genocide, and was supported by the Hamas Convention calling for the destruction of Israel.

Hamas and other extremist organizations have openly called for the murder of Jews in Israel and around the world. The South African government, shockingly, did not even define Hamas as a terrorist organisation. Lack of public condemnation from South Africa regarding Hamas operations in Gaza raises serious concerns. This is even worse in light of the fact that ANC Hosted delegations from Iran and Hamas In South Africa recently. Such actions can be interpreted as direct support for Hamas operations, including the use of civilians as human shields, diverting civilian aid for military purposes and building tunnels, at the expense of humanitarian aid sent to the Palestinian people. This position raises questions about South Africa’s position on these critical human rights issues and its role in international diplomacy.

I would like to make it clear: The South African government, led by the African National Congress Party (ANC), does not represent the general public. The government does not represent millions of South Africans who stand unequivocally alongside Israel and trust that this trial will mean that the world will hear the truth about the conflict in Gaza. The lawsuit filed by the government contradicts the public interest and was apparently filed because the ANC party reached bankruptcy and needed financial funding for the upcoming election. This made them exposed to exploitation by Hamas (which urgently needs a ceasefire), to initiate a lawsuit in court with the aim of requiring temporary interim orders, in parallel with the work on the genocide lawsuit.

It is a great hypocrisy of South Africa that has taken on this case, embracing Hamas officials who openly call for the genocide of Israelis. The dual standards of the ANC disqualify them from reliably leading South Africa, and more importantly disqualify them from helping to resolve the complex situation in the Middle East, as they claim they want to do.

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