The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem completely condemns the treacherous mass assault by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians launched on the high holy day of Simchat Torah. We resolutely stand with the nation and people of Israel in their just cause to vanquish this intolerable threat from their borders, and we mourn with them over the loss of so many innocent lives taken in such a sudden and brutal fashion.

“As the full extent of the carnage wrought by Hamas terrorists emerges, it is clear that this well-planned, Iranian-backed operation was not launched due to grievances over the Israeli ‘occupation’ or any real dangers to the al-Aqsa mosque. Rather, it was driven by the ancient “Spirit of Amalek”, which has always targeted Jewish women and children, and the old and weak and feeble of Israel. So, we rise up to expose and confront this hideous reality and to denounce any attempt to justify these heinous acts of Palestinian bloodlust against the Jewish people and nation,” said ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler.

The ICEJ and its global network of national offices are committed to standing with Israel in this critical hour through prevailing prayer, urgent financial assistance, and public advocacy of Israel’s right and duty to defend its citizens.