01.6.2024 10:00
01.6.2024 17:00
Family Church, Billinge


The Unfolding Plan of God

Come to our conference for a time of refreshing, teaching, equipping, praise & worship and prayer.


Paul & Nuala O’Higgins

Paul & Nuala O’Higgins are natives of Ireland and long-time residents of Stuart, Florida, which is the base of their international, teaching ministry – Reconciliation Outreach.

Paul & Nuala are ordained ministers with an evangelistic teaching ministry which has taken them to over 30 nations. They emphasize the importance of The Holy Spirit in everyone’s life. They have spoken in hundreds of churches, traditional and non-traditional, in colleges, schools, prisons, in evangelistic outreaches and on many radio and TV programs.

Their focus is liberating people on the basis of New Covenant realities and the finished work of Jesus, which restores people into the full sunshine of God’s love and mercy.

They are especially committed to teaching the Body of Christ its true connection with the Israel in the light of Gods’ covenants and plans. Their ministry is dedicated to worldwide interdenominational evangelism.

Paul holds a doctorate in Biblical theology and Nuala is a graduate in education from the University of London. They are the authors of many books including “Christianity Without Religion”, “In Israel Today With Yeshua”, “The Four Great Covenants”, “Life Changing Prayer”, “The Supernatural Habits of The Spirit Empowered Believer” “Time Of The Harvest” and “Good News In Israel’s Feasts”.

Their website is www.reconciliationoutreach.net


Refreshments will be provided.

Please bring your own lunch.

There will be an opportunity to bless the ministry of ICEJ and a stall selling books, DVDs and handicrafts.

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