This year, nine Pastors and leaders represented the ICEJ UK at this years Envision conference. It was a great time to connect with other international leaders and see firsthand just how the ICEJ makes a positive impact in Israel. Below are the testimonies of Pastor Simon Bhardwaj, Pastor Gilroy Brown, and Adam Bhardwaj. Take a look and see how Envision 2023 made an impact on them.

The Jerusalem/Israel Experience

It has been a quite an experience going to the Holy Land, it has certainly been an eye opener for me. I am most grateful to International Christian Embassy Jerusalem UK (ICEJ UK) for inviting me to Envision: Pastors & Leaders Conference 2023.  

I have seen so many videos of Christian organisations working in Israel and assisting God’s people, but nothing like actually being there and hearing first-hand information from different agencies and Churches who working together. It was also very insightful to meet people and leaders from all over the world. 

To experience this for the first time being in Israel and hearing first-hand information from the people who actually work at the grass-roots level and addressing great needs of Jewish people returning to their homeland is amazing!  This is a prophecy being fulfilled!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and have been touched by the work of International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in the region and the support they provide for them. 

Also hearing first-hand information from Pastors who work in Israel and in particular Jerusalem of their witness and the opposition they experience.  Even though their experiences have been difficult, it so lovely to hear that many Israelis are finding their Messiah and it was a real pleasure to have met some of them.  

The whole experience was so uplifting, and our hearts were filled with joy and awe! We look forward to coming again and also sharing this great work with other church leaders and encouraging them to get on board.

Thank you to David Elms – Director of International Christian Embassy Jerusalem UK, who invited us to come to Israel!  This experience will stay with us and shape our thinking and outlook on connecting the Church in the west with Israel and how they can play their part in the restoration of God’s Kingdom coming to Israel and the nations.

Pastor Simon Bhardwaj

“demonstrated the power of international networking and fellowship.”

I truly enjoyed my trip to Israel. It was a seminal experience that will have a lasting impact on my life and ministry.
As the Pastor of Mount Shiloh Apostolic Church I am committed to forging closer links with the ICEJ. The recent trip to Israel demonstrated the power of international networking and fellowship.

We are also looking forward to travelling to Israel as a church or as a small delegation sometime in the near future. Hopefully, we will be able to visit the actual site of Mount Shiloh. We thank God for the opportunity to be united with you through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Gilroy Brown

“at home away from home.”

I was delighted to receive the invitation from International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
(ICEJ) David Elms and Sam Henry to visit Israel and participate at the Envision 2023
conference. The best way I can describe my experience at Envision 2023 in Israel was that it
felt like being ‘at home away from home.’ It has always been a desire of mine to visit the
Holy Land. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to bringing my family and
other leaders in the near future.

I was made to feel very welcome and it was great to connect with other followers of Christ
from across the world. It was well organised and very informative and educational in terms
of what God is doing in the land through his people and ICEJ.

We are promoting this experience and ICEJ with other churches we minister too. We are
also connecting with local leaders to enable them to engage with ICEJ and participate in
future meetings at Israel and to be part of what God is doing in the land of Israel. I thank
God for this ministry, the gifting and leaders who have sacrificed much to fulfil the purposes
of God in this part of the world and the restoration of His coming Kingdom. The teaching
was excellent and we have been really inspired to convey what we learned to others. We
look forward to future meetings and connecting with other followers of Christ, including the
Messianic congregations in Israel via ICEJ.

May the Lord continue to bless and bring to fruition His work through ICEJ and may the
team continue to grow and excel in the work God has commissioned them to fulfil as we all
have a role to play. I am very grateful for being invited to be part of this great work and it
something I will continue to cherish. I hope and trust there will be many more opportunities
to get involved for future conferences.

Adam Bhardwaj