The ICEJ UK is incredibly excited to announce our participation in the ‘Christian Embassy Nature Park’ project.

Be’eri Forest is a nature reserve located in the western Negev region of Israel. The forest covers an area of approximately 3,500 acres and consists mainly of Aleppo pine and cypress trees, as well as a variety of other tree and plant species.

The forest is named after Be’eri, one of the biblical prophets, and is known for its beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife, including many bird species, reptiles, and small mammals. The forest is also home to several ancient ruins, including a Byzantine church and an Ottoman-era caravanserai.

Be’eri Forest is a popular destination for hiking, picnicking, and bird watching. It is also used for various educational and research purposes, including forestry studies and conservation efforts.

However, large parts of the forest were deliberately burned over recent years by fire kites and balloons released from nearby Gaza. The JNF had planted thousands of dunams of trees along the Gaza border over the decades, only to see 70% of these forested areas scorched by the rash of Palestinian arson attacks since 2018.

Yet the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem now has a unique and exciting opportunity to help replant and restore a heavily damaged section of the Be’eri Forest. The area consists of 512 dunams (126 acres) of rolling hills and fields which will be renamed the “Christian Embassy Nature Park.”

We are partnering with KKL/JNF to rehabilitate this forested area by planting trees that are less flammable, provide plenty of shade, and grow fast even in the dry desert climate. This reforestation effort will not only bring this special corner of Israel’s natural landscape back to life and protect Israelis from harm, it also will leave a lasting testimony to the Israeli people that Christians care about this land and their ‘green future’.

You can help restore this beloved Israeli forest by adopting a plot in square meters for replanting and renewal.