Oxford Synod Repentance Service flyer

This 800 year anniversary, in association with the Oxford Jewish Congregation, took place on 8th May 2022, and was an opportunity to apologise for the shameful actions of the 1222 Synod which instigated a particularly disturbing time in Christian-Jewish relations in England, with repercussions across Europe.  

It was a remarkable day: many were in attendance including a Jewish choir and leaders from other faiths.

It was indeed an amazing testimony from the Anglican Church who did not try to gloss over or cover up the wrongs that had been orchestrated by the Medieval Church Authorities. These wrongs led in 1297 to the expulsion of Jews from England for over 400 years after 70 years of persecution and death between 1222 and 1297.

During the service there was a sobering reflection from Rebecca Abrams, author, teacher and journalist who spoke of anti-Semitism in all its evil guises.

Our prayer now is that the church continues to build and reconcile with a new understanding of God’s purposes for the Jewish people and Israel in this new acceptance of truth.

by Gordon & Karen Beattie (ICEJ UK Prayer Co-ordinators)