Join several million believers who will engage in prayer for Israel for at least 1 hour a day for 21 days (May 7-28) for the increase of God’s promises and plans for Jerusalem and Israel.  A collaboration of several thousand ministries—including Lou Engle, Jason Hubbard, Mike Bickle—have already mobilized well over 1 million believers to participate in this global solemn assembly to fast in various ways and to pray for God’s purposes for Israel.  

Pray with ICEJ UK Each Morning: 8-9am

On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; all day and all night they will never keep silent.

There is an urgency in the Spirit for believers to make their prayers, to the Lord, consistent and persistent. This urgency was highlighted by Dr Jürgen Bühler at this week’s Global Prayer Gathering. The examples that follow are a witness to this truth:

  1. Brazil. Their previous leader, President Bolsonaro implemented many Godly policies into the nation. Then an election took place and within a short time the policies, the Godly gains and the opportunity for an upright government disappeared into a sea of corruption & communistic tendencies as described by ICEJ Vice President Operations, Barry Denison who gave a first hand report at the above meeting.
  2. UK. Balfour Declaration. The promise was made to establish a Jewish Homeland in 1917 by the British Government and was dragged out for over 30 years due to resistance by the British Military and the then British Government. This became such a tragedy for the UK as Derek Prince often quoted ‘this was one of the major causes for Britain’s lost Empire’.
  3. Romania. Richard Wurmbrand who wrote Tortured For Christ, laid the fault for his nation’s subjections to evil rule by the lack of concern by Romanian Christian indifference.

As Dr David Elms reported in our team meeting last week referencing the book: Return Of The Gods by Jonathan Cahn, the need for believers to be aware of Satan’s counterfeits and replacements.

We are all aware of the Spiritual battle that is raging all around the world and any ground that is not covered and submitted to the Lord in prayer is open territory for Satan to attack. Therefore, to pray without ceasing, consistently and persistently until we achieve the desired objective. This is our goal.

The ICEJ is fully committed to this goal and encourage you to pray alone or in your prayer groups and, if you are able, please join ICEJ UK each morning for an hour 8-9am on zoom here: