It is so important at this time that Israel and the Jewish people see first-hand the support of the Christian community. Please make every effort to attend this most important event in Central London next Sunday 19th November at 4pm. Israel and the Jewish community will be watching to see if we put our words into action. “If not now- When? If not us – who?”

During the Holocaust the Christian community was very quiet – since then we have said “Never again” – PLEASE come and join us with Christians from different organisations and church because “Never again is NOW”.  And invite all your friends too!

Love in action means making that extra effort out of our comfort zone.

Please have a read of the letter below from Christian Action Against Anti Semitism

Our prayer event is being shared widely among Jewish groups and media and this really feels like a moment when we, as Christians, can tangibly show the Jewish people around the world, that we stand with them, in love and solidarity. Learning from our the shameful antisemitism perpetrated under the banner of the cross, and Christian majority silence during the horrors witnessed in the holocaust, we refuse to stay hidden away and we refuse to allow the Jewish people to feel alone in this time of rising antisemitism, following the horrific and satanic massacre of October 7th. So many of the Jewish leaders and individuals we have connected with have told us things such as “we never knew Christians loved us” or “thank you so much, we thought we were alone”. 

Many of us have a heart for Israel and the Jewish people, but this feels like the moment, a moment in history after the history changing massacre of October 7th, that we, as Christians take inspiration from such people as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King Jr, William Wilberforce and many others, who made their voices and their love known publicly and clearly.

Please do all you can to make the event in Central London on November 19th. We will be joined by hundreds, if not thousands of Jewish people, and we are believing that thousands of Christians will make a stand. This is NOT a protest. We are not against anyone. We are not protesting anyone. This is a ‘PRAY FOR’ and ‘STAND WITH’ event, and we will pray, sing and declare truth and scripture in this time of hate, slander, canard and libel. Please bring Israeli and British flags, as well as banners declaring that we Christians stand with the Jewish people and Israel.

It is our moment to be heard. Please be there. Register HERE to get more details nearer the time.  Please spread the word to all you know have the same heart. Together we will raise our voice of love and solidarity in this time of hate.

Zoom Prayer
Please also remember we are holding a special zoom prayer meeting for this event on Saturday night (11th November) at 8pm – 9pm. The details are below:

Topic: Rev T & H Gutmann @ CAAA Zoom Meeting
Time: Nov 11, 2023 08:00 PM London
Meeting ID: 843 3816 4660
Passcode: 858898

Thank you everyone, we look forward to praying with you and standing together with you, to show our love and belief in the Jewish people.

See you in London!